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Craig Adams, a lifelong minister with a deep passion for serving others, resides in Lakin, Kansas, where he is making a profound impact on the local community. Born in a small ranching town in Eastern Oregon, Craig's journey of faith began at an early age when he felt a strong calling from God. This calling led him to enter full-time ministry in his 20s and embark on a remarkable path of serving Jesus Christ.

Throughout his ministry, Craig has experienced unique opportunities to spread the gospel and inspire others. He has served in various capacities, from leading churches to addressing large congregations in different nations. Notably, Craig had a life-altering spiritual experience following his father's sudden passing at the age of 13, which solidified his commitment to serving the ministry. This profound encounter

with God's presence ignited an unwavering conviction within him.

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Craig's dedication to his faith has taken him to places far and wide, including a gospel meeting in Pakistan where he had the privilege of speaking to an audience of over 100,000 people. His ability to effectively communicate the teachings of Jesus, along with his gift for preaching and teaching, has touched the lives of many and brought healing and transformation.

Now, as the lead pastor at New Life Lakin Church in Kansas, Craig continues to share his passion, conviction, and unwavering commitment to serving Jesus Christ. In Lakin, he has found a nurturing environment that allows him to guide and support the community in their spiritual growth. With a deep belief in the power of community, shared faith, and personal transformation, Craig works alongside a dedicated core team to foster a vibrant, faith-driven atmosphere within the church.

In addition to his impactful ministry, Craig is a devoted husband to his wife Courtney and a loving father to their six children - James, Gracelyn, Everly, Makenna, Rowan, and Kensley. Together, as a family rooted in faith, they continue to support Craig in his calling and share in the joy of serving their local community."

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